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- Added information about the player's account level next to the nickname

- Added gold, silver and bronze star to leaderboard
- Remade space
- New food: Cosmic Plant, Cosmic Egg
- The Cosmic Plant regenerates your oxygen
- Increased cooldown of "Speed Up" skill
- From now swamp extinguishs fire
- Increased respawn time of bosses (excluding zombie)
- Added second exit to Zombie's cave
- Added worms to caves
- Extended Black Widow's cave
- Decreased experience for bread
- Decreased death penalty for low tier animals
- From now you can't skip evolution with high experience bonus
- Fixed severals bugs
- Special thanks to RinkakuRei (discord)

- Added Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese and Polish language. We will add more languages soon!

- New character: Swamp Monster
- Wasps get exp faster
- From now you can see if any character is burned, poisoned or infected (thanks to u/WorkingBasket)
- Fixed several bugs

- Mad Bats deal less damage to Snowy Owl
- Extended lemmings cave
- Skill of Stork (Frog Hunter) has 35% chance instead of 20%
- Demonic Imp and Demonic Bat can swim in lava
- Demonic Bat has full vision in undergound
- Added second exit to lava biome cave

- Added login with Facebook & Google+

- Added anti-stuck system (If you are blocked in ground or flower, etc, you will be moved out of the blocking item)
- Added 2 lemmings and 1 exit to arctic cave
- Cosmic characters fly normally in space
- Increased a damage of scythe attack by 5% of max hp

- New character: Demonic Imp
- Diving characters move in the water much faster
- Added info messages like low water, poisoned, infected etc.
- Fixed a bug that made it possible to get stuck in a zombie cave
- Increased experience for Demonic Eggs
- From now Storks can eat fishes
- From now sharing account is prohibited


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