- New character: Swamp Monster
- Wasps get exp faster
- From now you can see if any character is burned, poisoned or infected (thanks to u/WorkingBasket)
- Fixed several bugs

- Mad Bats deal less damage to Snowy Owl
- Extended lemmings cave
- Skill of Stork (Frog Hunter) has 35% chance instead of 20%
- Demonic Imp and Demonic Bat can swim in lava
- Demonic Bat has full vision in undergound
- Added second exit to lava biome cave

- Added login with Facebook & Google+

- Added anti-stuck system (If you are blocked in ground or flower, etc, you will be moved out of the blocking item)
- Added 2 lemmings and 1 exit to arctic cave
- Cosmic characters fly normally in space
- Increased a damage of scythe attack by 5% of max hp

- New character: Demonic Imp
- Diving characters move in the water much faster
- Added info messages like low water, poisoned, infected etc.
- Fixed a bug that made it possible to get stuck in a zombie cave
- Increased experience for Demonic Eggs
- From now Storks can eat fishes
- From now sharing account is prohibited

- Added vulcanic biome + hell
- 3 new characters: Stone Eater, Demonic Egg Eater, Demonic Bat
- New Food: Stone, Demonic Egg
- Added orange border which means that you can eat it and it can eat you
- The loss of oxygen in space has been reduced
- Ghosts cant block players anymore
- Reduced death penalty for low tiers characters
- Added water in Black Widow cave
- Increased cooldown of "Thick Skin" and "Speed Up" Skills
- Decreased cooldown of "Dig" Skill
- Decreased Ghostly Reaper's and Pumpkin Reaper's experience needed to evolve
- Dragonfly gets more exp for food

- Added abilities system
- Each character has a skill (passive or active)
- Added more ladybugs on the map
- Little optimization of the servers

Please report any bugs on reddit
- Added information about spectators count
- Small map fixes (lemmings cave and graveyard cave)

- Increased Grim Reaper damage
- Changed exp gaining by Grim Reaper from 20% to 25%
- Added exp gaining effect
- Added health regeneration (starting 10 seconds after last received damage)
- Leaderboard now shows your current place on server

- New ability: Grim reaper can attack with a scythe (space or right click)
- Grim reaper can kill all live creatures
- Grim reaper gains exp only for players (20% of victim exp)
- Changed respawn exp from 30% to 40% (for non-adblock users, adblock users gain only 20% exp after death)

- New characters: Snowy Owl, Cosmic Angry Eye
- New food: Lemmings, Currants
- New monster: Crocodile
- Pigs no longer hurt flies and butterflies
- Flies takes less damage from dragonflies

- Added Australian server

- New biome: Arctic
- New monster: Yeti
- New food: Penguin
- Extended swamp
- Added small village next to arctic biome
- Wasps gain more experience from flowers and cherries

- New biome: Ocean
- New character: Seagull
- New monster: Shark
- New food: Starfish
- Some map changes
- Duck, Pelican, Seagull can dive longer than other creatures
- Changed respawn experience from 20% to 30% (for non-adblock users)

- New biome: Jungle
- New characters: Pterodactyl Child, Pterodactyl
- New monster: Tyrannosaurus
- New food: Star Fruit(Carambola), Meat
- Nerfed Dragonfly

- Added asian server
- Fixed some bugs

- Added login system
- Added experience multiplier for logged in players

- New characters: Ghostly Reaper, Pumpkin Ghost

- Added controls on mobile devices

- New characters: Overfed Cosmic Bat, Ghost, Pumpkin, Grim Reaper
- New food: pumpkin
- New monster: Zombie
- Added graveyard
- Added black holes

- New characters: Stork, Turkey
- New food: frog
- Added swamp
- Servers performance improvements

- New characters: Owl, Cosmic Big Eye
- New food: worm, cosmic fruits
- New monster: Black Widow
- Added spider webs in cave

- New characters: Duck, Vulture, Raven, Mad Bat
- Added desert
- New monsters: Cosmic Eye, Snake, Mummy (unreachable atm)
- And general corrections.
Now we focus on expand space. (Cosmic Bat is still the strongest creature)

- New character: Hornet (It's not the strongest character)
- Added oxygen status
- Added extra XP when you die and want play again
- Nerfed wasps attack
- Bats have full vision in undergrounds

- Renamed Grey Falcon to Eagle and Brown Falcon to Hawk
- New characters: Parrot, Falcon, Cosmic Bug, Cosmic Bat
- New food: stars
- New monster: Cosmic Big Insect
- Added space with modified gravity system
- The space will be filled with more monsters in few days
- Little food chain modifications
- Map changes

Added USA server

- New characters: Dragonfly and Pigeon
- New food: Ladybug and bread.

-Start of beta version

- io games army
- gry io

- Slith
- Fady
- CookieGuy
- JeromeASF